May 31, 2012

Have you ever really looked at the sky?

Have you ever just looked at the clouds in the sky? I mean - really looked at them?

We tend to see the world around us with such tunnel vision, plagued by questions as mundane and meaningless as, "Will I have enough time to get to that meeting?" or, "Oh God. What's going to be for supper tonight?" We get so caught up in these daily facets of life that we often fail to realize the more interesting things around us.

Looking at the clouds, you notice a few things: they're all different shapes and sizes, they look small but they're actually ridiculously big, the sky is ridiculously bigger even than the clouds, and you realize just how small you are in the world.

We can sit there and say we're one person into seven billion, we can say we're one of millions in our respective cities, but when you really look at the sky or anything you don't normally notice you get a scale of just how impossibly vast that is and a sense of wonder and awe at all there is in this large and interesting world of ours.

May 22, 2012

A Pulsating Prismatic Pool

Life is about evolution. Humans have done it, other species continue to do so as well.

So many aspects of life are fluid; an intricate mix of both simple and complicated swimming in a hypothetical pool of possibilities. And yet sometimes the ebb and flow of the current is such that unexpected things happen or certain unique combinations surface.

We are under that water, living beneath that very surface much as the blood that flows under our skin’s surface. The blood is a lifeline, its ports and preferred channels being veins and arteries; we fill the pool, our very thoughts and essences the preferred outlet for those rocky waves of life.

So many things lie within life’s depths. It is at once as vast and incomprehensibly deep as it can be simple and surprisingly shallow.

We all of us are faced with choices; we must decide how to express ourselves and the medium in which we thrive. The beauty is that this can occur in a myriad number of ways. Indeed the rainbow of life is both prismatic and widespread, focusing so much into so little and visa versa when considered in reverse.

The rays of light hit the water, sinking into it and refracting as surely and cleverly as they came.