October 28, 2012

How much is enough?

For this post, I would like to hone in on a specific question: how much is enough?

How much money do we need before we can be happy?

I learned something today. I learned that most economists have shifted from a view wherein the purpose of money was to have enough to enjoy life to a view which expresses the constant need for money, irrespective of how much is actually obtained. As an individual, I question this new philosophy.

Some people will hate me for even asking this question. They're investment bankers, kids with trust funds, the greedier ones in our society. I wouldn't mind making a ton of money. In fact, I would thoroughly enjoy it. But not if it compromises my life in some way.

I often wonder if we've got it wrong in North America. There's a clear dichotomy between North America and Europe where most of North America is focused on working longer and longer hours to get as much money as humanly possible while Europe seems to express family and leisure time as a prominent part of their society with monetary collection being something necessary for many of the things life has to offer, but not the primary focus.

Could you imagine what our society would be like here if we were to adopt the same ideals? Well I'm one person and I am adopting these ideals. I want to make enough money to get all the things I need and want and could care less if I make more than what I deem necessary for full enjoyment of my life. I will not work ridiculous hours for dollars I might never spend with the opportunity cost of missing out on social connections with friends and family.

Having explored that a little bit I will again ask the question, "How much money do we need before we can be happy?" I'd like to insert my own two cents at the end of this discussion as well: if we need to ask that question, are we truly on the road to happiness to begin with?

October 17, 2012

Stone Strewn Halos

Everywhere around you there are hard people
Living their lives trapped in the dark halo
You’re full of sunshine but it’s an evil
Even sun cased in by the dark can seem low

It’s like everyone around is feeling hard as stone
They’re clumping and crying but they cannot know
It’s hard for them to feel a sun that’s never shone
But cracks in the rock can let the sun seep below

October 13, 2012

Angel Fall Steal

I’ll pull you up from that gravity well
Watered with blood and sweat and tears
‘Cause I want to sew your broken wings
Ever wary of your chameleon’s sting
What’s more ironic than knowing of
A chameleon who’s afraid of change?

I’ll pull you down with me I swear
And I’ve got the scars to prove it all
I’ll make you wary of the lightning
Caring only for the flash and the din
When it’s over we will sit and tremble
Knowing that the angels did indeed fall

October 7, 2012

Some thoughts on positivity

I've had my fair share of life-altering decisions and whatnot. My absolute favorite among them all was to embrace everything positive and to rid myself of as many negative things as possible.

I mean, think about it. Everyone has their stresses, their worries, their deadlines, their obligations. Most people go ahead and let those consume them until they stop being themselves but are defined by how much they have going on in their lives. I say that's not the way to be. You should want to be defined by who you are. This is a lengthy way of putting it, but most people (unless they're psychotic or something) want to be happy in life. Guess what the secret to achieving that is? There is none. Just let yourself be happy.

When you embrace the notion that things don't keep you from being happy, only you can, then everything is instantly easier.

I should know. I've had moments of loss where I've hung on to those negative feelings. It starts to affect your behavior and eventually your disposition. One day you kind of snap out of it all and realize what you were doing. You finally see yourself the way you would have wanted to. You have to keep that perspective and stop things from making you sad.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't cry when someone dies or if you hate your boss and co-workers. All I'm saying is that stuff is negative and you don't need to base your life around it. Rather, basing your life around negative stuff will only foster negative emotions.

So be nice to people unless they give you good cause to be mean. Speak your mind but be tactful. Try to do something to improve the quality of life of yourself and others. And if anything's dragging you down below the depths, maybe it's time to cut it loose.