August 20, 2012

Soliloquy of Night's Blind

Wrapped in thought like night’s warm embrace
Swirling lies in camouflage and stars to light my face
Endlessly looked over by a passerby to look away
Swimming in the empty night sky, sinister dark grey

Bubbles are floating about and slowly they pop
Too hard to soak up their deluge with ghost mops
A chill then fills the air and sends panic in their faces
A look of utter terror for what awaits in empty spaces

And in the heart they see what their brain cannot know
Paranoia was the crop and you reap what you sow
Ego splattering about like a grenade too soon burst
Not enough water in the sea to quench their greedy thirst

August 15, 2012

Where did all our passion go?

I often think about current times with respect to the older days. When I do get in that mindset, I tend to listen to older music from the 60s or 70s. You wouldn't think so because it's roundabout, but it's led to some interesting thought processes.

I think about the mindset of people in an era that produced better music and a lot of free spirit. I guess it depends on where you're standing since a lot of big business and fairly constructed and logical ideas happened as well. Regardless, let's focus on the lighter, more pop cultural aspects of those time periods.

I remember hearing someone speak of that Cold War type of setting and how people didn't know whether they were going to live or die or whatever. So what did they do? They lived today like there might not be a tomorrow because...Well, there might not have been. I don't want to feel like I could die tomorrow but I do think that modern society drapes us in the most dangerous type of safety blanket.

I feel like we're so well connected now that it's easy to feel like you don't matter and you're safe. We're approaching seven billion for world population - "That could never happen to me, there are so many other people out there." But you know what? That (whatever "that" is for you) could actually happen to you and we don't even realize it. That's sad.

What happened to life mattering? What happened to things mattering? What happened to people? What happened to passion?

Somewhere along the way passion died. Well, I wasn't alive around that time but I have passion. Frankly, I feel like I'm one of the few people around that does have unbridled passion. That remark will piss off anyone reading this to a huge degree. But it's true. I care what people think about me just like anyone else but not with respect to my passion(s). When it comes to that, I couldn't care if I couldn't be more wrong. I want to feel, I want to live life; I don't just want to be alive and scrape through. Otherwise, what's the point?

Society has changed? Great. We'll change it back. Or maybe I'll change it for me. I'll change it for me until it suits me and then I'll live in that world. That's a dream worth dreaming and a passion worth having.