September 11, 2012

Insights - Not only obvious stuff?

There's a few things I would like to address for my first blog post in a while.

First, it occurs to me that people will look at the things I post and think something like, Well, this is all obvious shit. This guy must be an idiot to present things like this as revelations. Well, guess what? I'm not an idiot and I do realize that a lot of this stuff is "obvious." But just because something's obvious it doesn't mean that you won't forget it from time to time and need to be reminded of it. Anyone who's played sports knows exactly what I mean. Maybe you needed to be reminded to tweak something small in your curling delivery, get your ball toss higher up in tennis, always look at the ball in golf. The fact is, we forget some things. If someone reads these and is reminded of something they forgot to do but should, then my mission's accomplished.

On a side note, things being obvious is another great way of determining the right answer to a question. Everyone will have their own opinions on things. You've been a fly on the wall for discussions. All of a sudden, someone says something and you think, Of course, how could I have been so blind? That's obviously the right answer. That's the thing. The best answer is often difficult to come up with but sounds ridiculously obvious when stated.

Next, my main points. Something the other day triggered some thoughts in my head. Basically, because you think, you're thoughtful. Or rather, because you think you are thoughtful, it is so. If you're a worrier, people will "give" you good reason to worry. Often, if you assume the best, you'll get just that.

So much depends on frame of mind. When you expect to see sunshine you can look outside and see it even metaphorically on a cloudy day. If you expect rain, you might end your day in tears. This doesn't mean you should ignore solid facts in front of you...such as not being insane and realizing that there truly are clouds in the sky or that it's actually raining. That would be a little dangerous. But I do think that many would be better served to keep a better leash on their mental states.