February 21, 2012

Long overdue update

This past month and a half has been an absolute blur! I've been extremely busy and have struggled to keep balance with all things in my life. Unfortunately, this blog has fallen by the wayside a little bit. But I'm back on it and will try to write a little more in it since I'm scheduled to be far less busy for a little while.

It'll be no surprise to people that I have a few thoughts I'd like to get down on paper, having been so long since my last post. I'll get right to it.

The future. Busy, busy. I've got a few important decisions on the horizon such as where I'll be working in the summer, whether or not I'll be able to get into my program in the fall, and so on. The working in the summer thing is of particular importance seeing as I want to choose the correct position that will advance my career and not something lucrative that won't really get me anywhere. It's tough to find those kinds of places in Fredericton but the search will be on as soon as I get out of midterm hell. School next year is relatively assured and I've made the decision to pursue marketing full-time as it's what I'm truly interested in (This despite tugging and pulling to pursue studies in fields that don't apply to what I want to do from people who just want me around in their circles).

There are a few other aspects of the future that I need to consider as well. I've taken up two things that I hope to pursue seriously. I want to write something and I want to learn piano. Both are going to be pretty tricky to pull off and will require a lot of work and learning. The writing thing I can start with a little sooner. I'm long overdue to produce some type of story or the like. I want to get another one out there and prove to myself that I am improving. The piano stuff, I've decided, will have to wait until the summer when the MBA and remnants of curling are not eating up my time. To that end, I'll start looking for someone to teach piano to me over the summer. Perhaps after a summer doing that it'll be a lot easier to find small time to play in between. It's just that I want to be committed when I learn it and I can't deliver that commitment right now.

Everything else is going well. I've put my social life on hold for a while now while I deal with more pressing matters.

There's a larger concern that I've been wanting to write about, though. I often wonder whether I have too many things on the go at one time. It's difficult since it becomes a juggling act. Not all the things I'm juggling will receive full attention at all times. For instance, sometimes curling suffers, sometimes writing suffers, etc. It's tough to maintain balance with so many irons in the fire. I do honestly believe that I can be good at more than one thing but that's a tricky thing to pull off when you simply don't have the time for some things. I imagine all that will change in the summer when I'll no doubt be complaining of having too much time. Oh well, such is life.


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